Here is a list of the great services that we provide.

Vespa Scooters

Vespa is the iconic brand to which all scooters are compared and which represents the entire scooter category by its very name. Vespa products are the most coveted in the marketplace as they represent the finest combination of form, function and emotion in the industry.

Piaggio Scooters

When you set your sights on a Piaggio scooter, you choose freedom and fun in motion. With Piaggio's tradition of combining safety, reliability, and practicality with an eye-catching elegantly crafted design, your trip from dorm to campus suddenly becomes an adventure, not routine. An ordinary commute to the office becomes extraordinary.

Genuine Scooters

Top 10 Genuine Scooter Dealers AwardVespa Dallas did it! We are one of the top ten Genuine Dealers in the country!

Genuine Scooter's award-winning product line of motor scooters have more "buzz" in the scooter market than any other brand. Entire web sites, clubs, online discussion forums, and events are dedicated solely to Genuine Scooters. They are stylish enough to be featured in fashion magazines, national ad campaigns, even on network television shows.

Aprilia Scooters

In the 1990's Aprilia made a decisive entry into the urban mobility market. Aprilia scooter designs have always been daring, from the Amico, the first all-plastic scooter introduced in 1990, to the already legendary Scarabeo. Their innovations have catapulted them into the second largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters in Europe. Their facilities are located twenty miles from Venice in the northeastern part of Italy.